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Brie Welch

Meet a connoisseur of smooth surfaces, Twix bars, and street style.

MONOGRAM: List your name, profession, and place of residence:

BRIE WELCH, Fashion Director for in New York City. 

MONOGRAM: Considering your job, do you find yourself constantly checking out women in great outfits in your off-duty life? (Riding the subway, running errands, at the airport, etc.)

BRIE: Yes! All the time. But I’m a professional at it.

MONOGRAM: Has any person you’ve scouted thought that you were hitting on them?

BRIE: Surprisingly, no. Although several people I’ve scouted have become good friends, which is just as big of a compliment.

MONOGRAM: In your opinion, what are the ingredients of a perfect street-style look?

BRIE: People who carry themselves with great confidence and aren’t trying too hard. Style is personal and should ooze out of a person. You can wear trousers and a t-shirt and be the most stylish person in the room.

MONOGRAM: What do you miss most about New York City while you’re traveling abroad (which seems like often!)?

BRIE: Convenience. There’s just something about being able to go downstairs and get anything my heart could desire: a Twix bar, a package of pineapple, toilet paper, possibly even a date ;)

MONOGRAM: Describe your favorite vintage t-shirt: when and where was it acquired? And why do you love it so much?

BRIE: If you would have asked me 10 years ago, it would have been this Batman shirt I wore to death. But today, probably the Newport [cigarettes] t-shirt I acquired back in college at a vintage shop in Long Beach. It was $7 and if it were sold in NY would likely be $100. It’s perfectly soft and drapes like a well hung curtain when I wear it.

MONOGRAM: eBay seems to be a major source of gems in your closet. Willing to share any eBay secrets?

BRIE: People often ask how I can shop on eBay. But I suppose my secret is just looking at the measurements of pieces. Most sellers will note the waist, hip, and armpit to armpit. You should know your own measurements for this very reason. At the same time, I know if a piece is incredible, I can take it to the tailor and it will look like a million bucks.

MONOGRAM: Favorite way to style a t-shirt?

BRIE: Almost always with a brilliant pair of black trousers!

MONOGRAM: Lightning round: describe yourself in terms of the following…

COLOR: Black on black on black on black on white on black
ERA: Somewhere between the 70s and the 90s
FETISH: Touching smooth surfaces. Is that a fetish? Was this question meant to be sexual?
SYMBOL: Heart (god that’s cheesy right?)
OBJECT: Elephant sculptures / statues
RITUAL: Have none!
TAGLINE: Always look at your backside before you leave the house!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jason Frank Rothenberg