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Hayley Magnus

"I'm a natural blonde and ALSO literate!"...

MONOGRAM: List your name, profession, and place of residence:

HAYLEY MAGNUS, actor, Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

MONOGRAM: Let’s jump right in. What are the best and worst aspects of being an actor in LA? How does it compare to being an actor back home in Australia? 

HAYLEY: The worst part is how utterly unremarkable it is to be an actor in LA. I’m not nearly as unique as I would like. I’ll often tell strangers I’m here to study volcanology (my alt profession) to avoid boring the stranger and myself. This once backfired when I met a seismologist who worked for JPL.

The best part is the money. Money is chill.

MONOGRAM: We’ve always wondered how actors are able to emote on demand at auditions. Is that process ever awkward?

HAYLEY: Extremely awkward. Comedy is usually innocuous, but sometimes as you scream “Die, bitch, die!” you will remember the unusually thin walls and wonder how the rest of the office continues to make phone calls. I was also once in an audition where they wanted me to act out diving into a lake and desperately swimming to a buoy in the water. Fake swimming in a small room while the casting director looks at their phone is a very humbling experience.

MONOGRAM: What’s your dream role – what/who would you play and who would direct?

HAYLEY: Honestly, I can't think of any particular person or thing I would like to play. It’s about if the writing is good. You could have a movie about a sea sponge, but if the script is good, I would really love to play the sea sponge.

MONOGRAM: As seen on your Instagram, your goal is to read a book every week (!). Have you always been such a voracious reader?

HAYLEY: I have no interest in running marathons or climbing mountains. Reading this many books seemed like a semi-attainable goal that, if successful, would be good for bragging. I'm a natural blonde and ALSO literate! I did always enjoy reading, but as I get older I seem to like it more and more.

MONOGRAM: Is there any book that you’re surprised has never been made into a movie?

HAYLEY: I've said before that 'The Dud Avocado' by Elaine Dundy would be good. I also thought 'Eileen' by Ottesssa Moshfegh would make a great film but have since learnt the rights were bought not long after she published it. I was likely about two years too late.

MONOGRAM: You also have an incredible art book collection! We could have spent the entire day with our noses in your bookshelf. This is a real Sophie’s Choice moment – can you pick your favorite three? 

HAYLEY:  Looking at my bookshelf right now I’d pick:

- 'Happy Purim' by Estelle Hanania
- 'Dog Days' by David Hockney
- 'Paintings' by Juwelia

MONOGRAM: You make no attempt to hide your affinity for butter. Do you have a favorite brand?

HAYLEY: I don’t want to rule out any further sponsorships, but Organic Valley and Vermont cultured butter are go-tos. Always salted. Why would I want unsalted? What a waste of time.

MONOGRAM: It was also fun getting to see your homemade ceramic dishware. But where are all the butter dishes?

HAYLEY: Every dish is a butter dish if you just believe.

MONOGRAM: Of all your impeccable vintage t-shirts, what’s your favorite? How and when did you acquire it?

HAYLEY: I have a great rastafarian-themed shirt that says “Lion of Judah” in Hebrew with a proud lion wearing a crown. It was once my husband’s. The dummy put it in the dryer and now it's mine. 

MONOGRAM: What’s your favorite way to style a t-shirt?

HAYLEY: The best part about a t-shirt is that it's not at all prescriptive. A skirt! Pants! A dress! A kilt! Nothing!

MONOGRAM: Do you use graphic t-shirts to articulate your point of view? How so?

HAYLEY: Not particularly. If you want to wear a Ramones t-shit but have never heard their music, go for it. Maybe you just like guys with long hair and leather jackets.

MONOGRAM: Lightening round: describe yourself in terms of the following:

COLOR: Yellow
ERA: Now? Modern medicine seems handy
FETISH: High quality dairy
LOCATION: Hydra, Greece
BEVERAGE: Vanilla milk
VEHICLE: Prius C 2012
RITUAL: Teeth brushing
TAGLINE: Hayley was here.