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Leandra Medine

On men of the '50s and GENERATION FUCKKIT... 

MONOGRAM: List your name, profession, and place of residence:

LEANDRA MEDINE (COHEN), founder of Man Repeller, a media company dedicated to making people laugh, feel less judged, and more comfortable just buying the damn shoes. I live in Nolita.

MONOGRAM: Your self-described tagline for Man Repeller is “A humorous website for serious fashion.” Why are humor and fashion so difficult to pair together? In other words, why is fashion always so serious?!

LEANDRA: I'm not sure. It’s a precedent that was set before my time, and part of the reason I've committed to breaking down the stereotype. The truth is, inside the walls of most fashion houses, there is a really solid and strong sense of humor. 

MONOGRAM: What’s your favorite story that you’ve written for Man Repeller?

LEANDRA: None of them! I hate it all! But my favorite story that has ever been published is definitely a slideshow that we ran in April two years ago, titled "Men Leaning In Throughout History" - it's just a bunch of oil paintings, photos, and renderings of men leaning forward. There are, like, 50 words of copy underneath the pictures.

MONOGRAM: When did your interest in fashion begin? How has it evolved since then?

LEANDRA: I never know how to answer this question. I can't recall a time that I wasn't interested in how clothes make me feel/can transform me.

MONOGRAM: Who, past or present, has the most underrated style?

LEANDRA: Men of the ’50's with their awesome high waist, pleated pants and boxy double breast sport jackets. No question.

MONOGRAM: What is the difference between being “fashionable” and being “stylish”? Do you think most people can tell the difference between the two?

LEANDRA: Fashion is much more transactional than style is, a bit more concerned with the outward gaze than it is with the individual. And you can always tell when an effort is driven by something other than personal appeasement, no? (Not necessarily a bad thing!) 

MONOGRAM: Can you give an official name to the next big style trend?


MONOGRAM: You’ve always been someone who has embraced t-shirt dressing in all the right ways. What is it about the graphic t-shirt that makes it a great wardrobe tool?

LEANDRA: Well, my style is loosely defined by playing the juxtaposition game. I like to dress down formal wear and dress up casual wear. I fall in and out of jeans really often, so when I'm not that into them, graphic t-shirts (often paired with satin skirts, or jumpers, fancy embellished jackets, etc) allow me to feel as casual and "easy" with the way I dress. 

MONOGRAM: Do you have a favorite vintage t-shirt? How and when did you acquire it?

LEANDRA: I am the least interesting person where vintage shopping and fashion are concerned. I don't have a favorite vintage t-shirt because I don't have any! One time we styled and shot a really cool one that belongs to our market assistant with a silhouette of Elvis on the front. Does that count for anything? I LOVE the vintage fruitcake on our collab t-shirt! Does that count for everything?

MONOGRAM: What’s your favorite way to style a t-shirt?

LEANDRA: Ball gown skirt through and through.

MONOGRAM: Lightning round: describe yourself in terms of the following…

COLOR: Sky blue
ERA: Early 1980's resortwear
FETISH: $$$ footwear
SYMBOL: Star? 
LOCATION: Ooooooo - Southern Italy pls 
OBJECT: Stapler? 
BEVERAGE: Rosé all year round 
VEHICLE: Mini Coop!
RITUAL: Coffee and a cookie in my kitchen for breakfast + e-mails and "deep work"
TAGLINE: Let them live!